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Hey there!

Welcome to CriticallyInsane with an elementofrandominity. This will predominately be a film criticism and craft blog with little touches of other things: pictures, links and general nonsense.

So yea, I’m elementofrandominity and I am interesting in many things: films, TV, the Media, craft especially jewellery and plushies, figurines and photos of said figurines.
I’m pretty easy going with my likes. I don’t have a top 10 best films or anything. It might be a lack of decision making skills or it could be I’m open to lots of different ideas. So expect a fairly varied field of films both old and new. I will be looking at some of the theory involved in some of these films as well, thanks to my film course. Will likely be around something that’s bothering me or has recently interested me so no promises that it’ll be well researched or cited!

Hope you enjoy the future content.  The next post will be a Pirates 4 review.

See you ’round the net.


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